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Large Shakyamuni Buddha Statues

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Large Shakyamuni Buddha Statues

This beautiful buddha statue captures Buddha in deep meditation with his right hand raised in the abhaya mudra (gesture). This mudra symbolizes protection, peace, and the dispelling of fear. This Buddha offers the mudras of fearlessness (upper hand) and compassion (lower hand).

A statue or painting of a Buddha is called in Sanskrit a "Buddharupa," meaning "the form of an Enlightened One." Buddhists have used such images for thousands of years to show how the Truth can be found within oneself through the practice of meditation and spiritual training. Thus, a statue of Shakyamuni does more than commemorate an historical figure; it is a reminder of the spiritual potential inherent within all of us to awaken to the Truth as He, a fellow human being, did.

Measures 12.75" Tall
Color: Antiqued Gold
Made of Polystone (look & feel of stone)
Suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

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